7 things to do during load shedding.

Trying to do something with your life during load shedding sounds like a lot of work. However, it is better to find something to do than to go to bed early, watch your phone’s battery percentage slowly decrease or even worse, making animal shapes on candle shade.

When Eskom decides to pull the plug on things you do to stay entertained at home, try doing some of the things listed below:

  1. Play a game. You know like monopoly, scrabble, 30 seconds, charades, Pictionary, card games. Enjoy as people debate with team members and share a few laughs.

2. Meditate
If you’ve never tried meditating, now is your time to shine in the darkness. During meditation, you’re supposed to try your utmost best to empty your mind and be still within yourself. Let’s be real, load shedding can get your blood boiling sometimes because it can be such an inconvenience, but here’s your chance to not let it get the better of you. Be quiet, sit still, let go of everything you’re struggling with, lift it to the heavens and welcome the good into your life. By the time you open your eyes, you should feel relaxed and content. The power going on thereafter should just be an added bonus.

3. Listen to someone’s drama. Because you finally have time to listen to those “it’s a long story” stories.

4. Do a little spring cleaning; get rid of things you don’t want. You can finally frame all those nostalgic snaps.

5. Become one again with nature.
This is a good opportunity to reconnect with nature. Take yourself outdoors and reflect on all that is around you and the marvels of nature, our intelligence and galaxies beyond that we will perhaps never comprehend. If you are in complete darkness, lie on the grass and stare at the stars and take in the wonder that is our Universe. Reflect on everything that you can be grateful for in this lifetime of yours.

6. Don’t whine, have a glass of wine, or maybe two or three (who’s counting, you’d probably be in the dark).

7. Have sex. How is this not the go to activity? The lights are off, candles are the ultimate romance symbol, what are you possibly waiting for?

Image: Joburg.co.za

T. Nkabinde