10 Best nail designs to try this season.

Summer is the only season that has people obsessing about. Not only is the weather filled with sunshine and warmth; there’s a sense of freedom and innocence in the air during the summer months that simply doesn’t exist at other times during the year.

This feeling has seen many of us change everything about us. From fashion, hair color, travel plans and even nail polish. speaking of nails, while your body and mind are undoubtedly ready to have some fun when summertime rolls around, your nail art should also be able to take part in the festivities!

These ten nail designs could certainly brighten your spirits at any time of the year, but they’re especially perfect for rocking all summer long!

There’s no other time of year more appropriate to wear neon-slicked nails than the summer months. That unique ombre design, blending pink to orange to yellow just shouts ”SUMMER SUNSET”
There’s no better way to beat the heat than by slurping down a frosty ice cream cone. Well, the only better approach would be to lick on a chocolate-covered ice cream cone and then paint your nails to resemble the activity!
summer nail designs 10
Nothing beats the color of pink. With the right summer dress, these nails can give your mind that sense of peace and harmony it needs on a hot summer day.
summer nail designs 5
Some of the best summer memories are those made over the steaming coals of a sizzling grill. This drool-worthy set of nail art will not only inspire a late-night burger run, but it will also evoke sentimental feelings about those memorable summer nights filled with good food and even better friends!

You may not have cash squired away to fund a summer vacation in a tropical oasis, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the tropics to suburbia with your nail art!
Among the most popular nail designs for summer we noticed one very interesting trend – making different nails design on each hand. If you can`t choose between a bright design and a more formal one, this creative idea is for you!

If you are in search of really bright and bold nails for the beach, look no more! Kiwi nail design is one of the most frequently asked, as nail masters report. Don`t forget to make those water drops on the top layer of your mani, they will freshen your design even more.

This print became one of the most popular this summer – we see it on T-shirts, crop-tops, dresses, swim suits.
Add to any of these cloths bright summer mani with green leaves and you can call yourself a real fashionista, who is in trend from her head to her toe!
One of the main noticeable trends on Instagram this summer – nails with coctail drawings. The author of this design went further. All elements here are 3D.

Image: Pinterest