Beauty Trend Alert! Embracing your eye bags

Yes, you read that right. Embracing your bags is a total DO!

This trend started in December 2020 with Sara-Marie Carstens’ TikTok video where she accentuated her under eye circles with a darker shade of makeup instead of concealing them like we’ve been conditioned to do. This video went viral and currently has 1.3 million likes and 7.8 million views. The comment section had very mixed emotions about this but love it or hate it, the impact was huge.

This beauty trend quickly gained popularity and many TikTok users followed suit with the intention of challenging beauty standards and embracing what has always been considered a flaw.

Another TikTok beauty influencer, Pippa Barnes, took it one step further and decided to add colour to this beauty trend with bold black and blue eyeshadow.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do? Don’t? To each their own?

Main Image: flawlessend