Makeup for women with albinism.

As the world of fashion and beauty essentials grows into a civilized one, we can’t help but notice that it has given everyone a platform to enhance their beauty, including albino women.

However, many makeup artists do not know the right products to use on albino women. In the end, many women with albinism remain frustrated by these poor attempts.

Nigerian makeup artist – Olaide Banjo (CEO, Ara by Laide) has teamed up with Onome Akinlolu Majaro‘s foundation – OAM Foundation which advocates and raises awareness for people with albinism. With the power of makeup, they are dishing out useful techniques and tips for albino women and makeup artists. They seek to not only show you the essential makeup products and colours to use, but to show amazing looks on all their models.

Here’s what Olaide had to say on the collaboration;

“Makeup is something that every girl wants to know how to do. We all know albinos have very tender skin. While doing their makeup, you have to be extremely careful because any little pressure from your fingertips can redden their skin.

There is a lot of discrimination against albinos. They are called different names, and people forget we are all the humans despite our skin colour . I think it’s important for albinos to note what suits them best, how to apply the right make up and which products to use, including ensuring it matches their skin tone and neck.“

The albino skin in general has pulled a pink colour, so obviously, one will need a more natural color to decrease the high-toned pink.

If the skin is pulled over the yellow color, which is quite common to some people, use color to break the yellow roses. And if the skin is pulled over the color pink, which is more common in albino skin, use different shades of yellow, which will help to temper the effect of pink.

If we look beyond our pre-judging minds, one will realize that people with albinism are very beautiful in their own unique way, just like us.

Picture credit: Rolling Out

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