Fashion trends to ditch in 2021

Bell Sleeves

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Bell sleeves came back for a bit, but the design is now getting the ax, according to stylists. This was a cool retro inspired look and was great  while it lasted. The only issue was that the sleeves are pretty impractical.

Waist coats

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These came back hard in 2020. It was “old-school” and great while it lasted, but it’s time to let it go. it was fun while it lasted, but this sleek look is getting left behind. From now on, waistcoats are reserved for tuxedo attire.

Sheer Clothing

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No matter how rocking your body may be ladies, 99% of the population has no desire to see what you look like in underwear but also its pretty cold right now. Save the risque stuff for someone who will actually appreciate your wild side.


Ruffled/Tiered Clothing

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tiered and ruffled was supposed to have been left out in 2020, this style is officially out (unless you’re wearing a ruffled collar).

My guess is ruffled clothing will come back pretty quickly, but tiered is singing its Swan Song for a while.


Slim Sunglasses

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Why do we wear sunglasses? The point of sunglasses is to block the sun right? but you wouldn’t know that from these teeny tiny frames. There are so many other, more practical ways to look silly- we advise you save your money for something more substantially dumb.  Sorry @DJ Zinhle, but this era has to end!

Lace Accents

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Did I hear lace? This trend came back and went away in the blink of an eye. I barely got a chance to purchase this trend before plaid popped back into style. No one is saying you can’t wear your lacey bralette still, though. Nothing wrong with feeling good!


Cold-Shoulder Tops

Cold shoulder tops? Where do we get these?….they may have looked fashion forward and cute 20 years ago, but now they just look desperate. So save your dignity (and your body heat) and try something more fashionable.

Painful Shoes


Now is the time to ditch those shoes that are hurting your feet. This isn’t something fashion designers have decided—we just think we all need a little break from aching toes, arches, and heels. Rest those footsies.


Instagram Eyebrows

Instagram eyebrows, like Instagram anything, are a very internet-specific way of making yourself look like a fool. The lines are too strong, and it fades out near the bridge of the nose. It doesn’t follow a person’s natural eyebrow, which makes it look that much faker. Another lesson on why you shouldn’t try to emulate and influencer. These may make for some bold photo shoots, but that’s about all you can hope for.


Well, we definitely not shy about giving our opinions, but most importantly we don’t want to leave you behind while we moving fashion forward.

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