Natasha Thahane! 5 Things you should know about her

Science may have concluded that earth rotates on its own axis, but with the recent spotlight attraction from Natasha Thahane, one would swear the earth rotates on her command.

The young star has quickly become SA’s newest “it girl”, with a fanbase that continues to grow every day.

It’s not like we fazed by that, after all, she’s gorgeous, talented, and has a smile that can melt any guy’s heart.

But what really makes Natasha Thahane to be that special? These 5 things do:

1.She is only 21!

At the age of 21, Natasha not only has done well for herself, but she has proven to be an African version of Kylie Jenner… young, beautiful and successful!

2.She grew in popularity when:

she starred in local drama Skeem Saam, but now the actress finds herself working alongside Connie and Shona Ferguson in their TV series, The Queen.

3.Has a hot young bae

Although this may not have any substantial evidence, Natasha is rumoured to be dating rapper A-Reece. This comes after the rapper dropped a music video for his track titled ‘Mngani’ which sees the pair getting too cozy for being ‘just friends.’

4.Direct descendent of an icon:

Apparently, Natasha is the grand-daughter of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. Yes, seriously.


Besides being beautiful and a natural on screen, Natasha can sing too!!

Keep on doing what you doing Natasha, one day you might just score yourself an interview with E-SA!

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