DJ Zinhle’s New Bae – A few things we need to know :)

Everyone has been going on and on about DJ Zinhle’s new hot bae, Brendon Naidoo, which is only fair since the five things we scooped from news outlets have proven him to be a real keeper.

Here’s what we found out…

1.Looks and brains:

Besides that he’s good-looking,  it turns out Brendon completed his Master’s Degree in International Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014.

2.Mutual feeling of love for watches

Like DJ Zinhle, who has her own watch range, Era, Brendon also has a thing for (expensive) watches. His collection includes Rolex and Louis Vuitton time pieces.

3. Loves travelling.

One thing we know best is that, guys who love to travel are the best kind of guys to date. Just ask Zinhle…

4. CEO of Apogee Empire Management

He’s also got the hot seat at a business solutions company, called Apogee Empire Management.

5. He’s totally a mama’s boy

Judging from the slew of pictures with his mother on Instagram and the way he gushes over her, Brendon is definitely a ‘Mama’s Boy.’

There we have it guys, it seems like DJ Zinhle has definitely scored herself a ‘007’ bae!

Picture credit: Connect – The Citizen

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