[E-SA EXCLUSIVE] 7 things you need to know about DJ Shimza.

With his much anticipated One Man Show waiting just around the corner, DJ Shimza has social media buzzing with excitement and high Christmas spirits.

During a brief call on Thursday 22 December 2016, Entertainment_SA gathered 7 points about the man who is about to make his annual mark in the entertainment industry.

1.Shimza’s music on an international level.

DJ Shimza has travelled to several countries such as Mexico, Angola, United States of America and the UK. In all these countries and major cities, his music talent is regarded as world-class and among the very best, according to him, this why:

‘’Since music is considered as an international language, I always put my focus in delivering it consistently and grabbing every opportunity that propels me towards a bigger market.’’

2.Shimza’s childhood memories and how he grew up.

‘’I grew up in Tembisa and was fortunate enough to keep my focus on education. I completed my matric and decided to do a Diploma in marketing and decided to continue with my love for music. As for my childhood memories, all I can say is that I’ve never encountered a difficult situation, I grew up under the roof of an average family and I won’t lie and say we were poor.’’

3.Shimza’s advise to aspiring artists.

Since Shimza is seen as motivation by aspiring DJ’s out there, we asked him to give us a few points to share with those who look up to him.

‘’All it takes to reach at the top is to just be yourself and not try to be a duplication of someone else, it is better to create your own legacy than to be under the shade of someone else.’’

4.Shimza’s other skills or talents come down to one.

‘’I honestly don’t know any other skills that I have besides music. I tried a lot of things in life in order to challenge myself to reach my other hidden talents, like soccer, and it didn’t work out. That’s when I realized that my dream of being on the decks is what I love the most, that’s my passion.’’

5.Changes on his annual One Man Shows

‘’Besides the One Man Show preparations and hype around it, I make it a daily living rule to change my styles and skills every now and then. There’s nothing so embarrassing as being labelled as ‘’irrelevant and boring’’ by fans out there, that’s why I make it a priority to always change my music. This applies to my One Man Shows every year, I make sure that I bring fresh and hot styles annually.’’

6.Featured artists in his OMS:

‘’I always have artists in my OMS, it just that I do not promote them that much since it might shadow or contradict the whole conception behind the ‘’One Man.’’

7.Besides the OMS and being on Metro FM, what other projects is he currently working on that fans can expect in the near future?

‘’For now, I’m still working on building my international career, you know, releasing music and advertising it on an international market.’’

Tickets for the show are available here also see the 2015 OMS on the link supplied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jknyssXYRs8

Picture credit: Mpumalanga News

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