Five things you need to know about Bonang Matheba!

We all have gone through that moment we get Goosebumps whenever we see a picture of Queen B, it’s only natural, the woman is on flames!

Just like AKA, we cannot help but gush over the beautiful woman who is an iconic TV and radio personality, but that’s as far as we know her. If you’ve been inquisitive like us as to who the real Bonang Matheba is, then you might just enjoy the five things we compiled about her.


  1. In 2013 she entered the history books as the first celebrity outside America to be the Face of Revlon. She is one of the four ambassadors of the brand.

  1. Bonang has asthma.

So in case you want to surprise her, rather alert her first or give a hint at least, you don’t want to scream ‘surprise’ only to find out she forgot her inhaler, awkward!

She’s breathtaking right? don’t take hers too!
  1. The presenter is allergic to cats and milk.

Unless if you have a spare R46k in your account to splurge over a Gucci handbag like AKA did, then stay clear of cats and milk, they not cute, she’s allergic to them.

She might be good at cat walks and poses, but she’s definitely allergic to cats.
  1. She launched her very own clothing line with Legit called Just B in 2008 and in 2009 she started a handbag range called, Baby Star. And in January 2014 she launched a lingerie line with Woolworths called Distraction!

  1. She has a clothing line Just B, a line of trendy handbags Baby Star, and a lingerie line Bonang For Distraction

Main picture credit: Bonang Matheba blog

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