Idols SA winner Yanga Sobetwa surprises family with a new crib

While most of us exchange gifts or buy grocery on Christmas Day only as a way of showing gratitude to our families, Idols SA winner Yanga Sobetwa took it a step further with the most lavish gift of all and bought her family a house, showing her clan some serious love with some serious real estate!

The amazing part is that Yanga is just 18-years-old and is already making perfectly matured decisions.

Taking to Instagram to announce the big news, young Yanga posted a picture of herself standing next to her mother in front of their home with the following heartfelt lengthy caption:

“It’s another GOOD MORNING for the Young-lights. I finally purchased a property for my family and I, God is Good man!!! I write this in disbelief thank you to my parents who helped me take wise decisions and for your prayers and support. [sic]”

This should come as a surprise to many because last year, the singer’s future was questioned by a local publication after revealing that she did not complete her matric.

“To be honest I laughed when I saw the article, I wasn’t fazed at all. I wasn’t going to say anything but for the sake of my supporters I had to clear the air. I am very young and I believe respect is earned. The newspaper headline said that I regret taking a break from my matric, which I never did, it was a decision that was taken by my parents and teachers for my mental well-being.”

Congratulations are in order for the young singer, may she continue being an inspiration to her peers.

Image: Netwerk24