Makhadzi buys a new house

It is no secret that the entertainment industry and music to precise is growing in South Africa. We see artist who enters into the industry doing so well for themselves.

However this is not always an easy ride. If one can try to find the background of some of these artist, you won’t believe it. Most of them comes from humble beggining where they started their music career at church, people’s weddings and some were practing music at their back room. When we start seeing them on TV, we think that they have had it easy.

This is the same thing we can say about Makhadzi. She started her career being a dancer then she started singing were she would even perform at taxi ranks but today, we are talking a different story.

Makhadzi went on Twitter to share her achievements since she started singing. At the young age of 25, Makhadzi managed to buy both her parents houses. So it’s two different houses because they are separated and Makhadzi said that she did not want to get involved or to choose sides. Hence she built them houses separately. After building her parents houses, it was time that she did the same for herself. After all the hard work that she put in her music and her carrier, she really deserves it.

“My dream was to see my parents and my grandmother living a better life, I didn’t care about wearing expensive clothes but to make sure that all my family have a place to sleep and hide hunger and God chose me to make a different. When you pray and work hard, everything is possible”

Many people congratulated her saying that she is an inspiration to a black child, that even you can do it. Young people should really be inspired.

Main Image: africanupdates