Durban July theme announced and Twitter is not happy about it

Fashion theme for the highly anticipated annual Durban July has been announced and unlike the previous themes, this one seems to have baffled Twitter users.

This year’s theme — “Butterflies” — has Twitter fashion police issuing warrants of arrest and questioning the effort put into the marketing of the popular racing event, which is organised by Gold Circle Horse Racing and Betting.

On the inspiration behind the theme, Gold Circle’s event marketing manager Ken Tweddell said: “The one thing that really stood out for me at the 2019 Vodacom Durban July was the predominance of brightly coloured outfits — I wanted to encourage more of that aspect for the 2020 event.”

The idea initially came knocking in Ken’s head while hosting a group of international media on a bush getaway after the 2019 Durban July. While the journalist were out on a game drive, he was browsing a selection of books in the hotel’s reception and immediately gravitated to the most colourful one on the shelf: Butterflies of South Africa.

“The penny dropped! Butterflies of excitement in the stomach for the racing folk. The social butterflies of the fashion stakes. The variety of bright colours and patterns of butterflies,” explained Tweddell.

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the 2020 theme as Tweddell. Fashion designer Thula Sindi was particularly irked, saying: “Not even a kids party should be themed ‘Butterflies’. This is going to be something else – a visual assault.”

Geez, can they give the poor guy a break already?

Image: Hollywoodbets