Enhle launches a podcast to help guests handle past problems

Johannesburg – Enhle Mbali has joined forces with Touch HD to debut her podcast titled, Sincerely Yours, a press commentary revealed on Tuesday.

The pre-recorded show, which is able to even have a video part to it, will air two times a month and will “unpack significant and strong topics faced by way of on a regular basis other people during the eyes of esteemed visitors.” Speaking about her new mission, Enhle mentioned:

“The concept is to transport ahead with nothing but a renewed spirit that all starts with facing yourself.

” Sincerely Yours “unpacks a candid letter that each and every guest on the show writes about themselves to themselves in accordance with four questions. The host and the visitor will then discuss the letter and dive into the context of it,” the observation further explains.

After reading their letter, the guest will then be requested to jot down any other one to their long term self, which they’re going to read on a later date. The idea is to get other folks to face problems of their lives head-on, with the hope of overcoming them.

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