How to prevent your lipstick from cracking.

Since lipstick is one of the most potent tools when doing our normal facial revamp, it is always wise to make sure it does not crack and make you look like the Joker on Batman’s movie.

One of the reasons lipsticks might be cracking every time you apply them is because you might have very dry lips. In this case, they always need to be moisturised.


At night, dab some petroleum jelly on before going to bed. This will replenish the moisture lost during the day.

Two important tips to master before applying lipstick:

1. Add moisture to your lips by applying lip balm before applying lipstick. Put it on at least three times during the day. This will keep the lipstick in place.

2.  Avoid matte lipsticks. They have a drying effect. You may add a lip shine on top of the lipstick to prevent it from becoming cakey.

Stop blowing broken kisses, start blowing smooth kisses!

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