Inspirational women to follow on Tik-Tok

A list of phenomenal women who serve entertaining and informative content on their platforms.

These individuals have generously shared parts of their lives with the broader TikTok community to educate others, create a space filled with laughter, and shape a platform that supports and motivates women.

From celebrities to pilots, to foodies and doctors, these women have taken to TikTok to shatter stereotypes and show all other women that anything is possible. They continue to express themselves creatively and positively by building the community with their talents and joy – all while making a change and inspiring others.

As South Africa remembers what the women of 1956 did for the country, it is also a time to shine a light on the women of today who are paving the way for the next generation:

Khanyisa Jaceni

Social media sensation Khanyisa Jaceni is definitely the overall fun time she says she is. Khanyisa was selected as one of only 20 creators on TikTok to receive a grant as part of the platform’s inaugural initiative, Rising Voices.

Robyn Angler

Biology teacher, Miss Angler, creates content that helps students with extra lessons and shares tips to help students with virtual learning in a super fun way.

Teekay’s Financial Corner

TikTok creator Thandokazi Tese shares tips on all things personal finance, including budgeting, buying a car and property investments.


Melissa aka Pilot_onthegram is a South African commercial pilot who gives her audience a front seat to her life on the go.


Singer Iam_Sio. shares beautiful covers, duets and powerful poetry as well as feel-good content with her audience.

Dr Firdous

Medical professional, Doctor Firdous, decided to use her TikTok account to share correct medical information while giving her audience access to the life of a female doctor and mother working in the ICU.


Popular for her bubbly personality and efforts to bring a positive angle to a serious issue, local activist AdorableNdoda is breaking HIV stigmas one TikTok at a time by sharing her life story.

Solina Naidoo

Solina’s TikTok page, PerimasKitchen, shares recipes that are easy to whip up and are often inspired by her Indian heritage.