Nobuhle Mahlasela | Body shape and size does not define you

Plus-size model and actress, Nobuhle Mahlasela want to inspire women to “flaunt” their bodies with pride no matter the shape.

Nobuhle took to Instagram and reminded women, big or small, that size does not determine who they are. 

The words of inspiration were accompanied by a saucy snap of her flaunting her curves in a swimsuit. 

The 7de Laan actress said women needed to look after and embrace their bodies.

“Remember, body positivity is not just about big girls, it’s about different shapes and sizes of our bodies and how to love ourselves best.”

Just last year, Nobuhle shared on social media that she faced doubt and was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

She told TshisaLIVE that it was a series of personal things that had happened, including the death of family members and her growing up.

She previously expressed that it was not easy, and she was overwhelmed. “Sometimes, I tell my mom that she should have written me little notes on what to expect at certain points in my life. I was just contemplating life and my personal journey.”

Because of the ordeal, Nobuhle had made a conscious decision to “choose happiness”.

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