Six make-up tips for ladies who wear glasses!

Gone are those days when wearing spectacles was considered a one-way ticket to being mocked and called names. Nowadays, this disability has made it to trends list with different types and colours of frames available to enhance that look.

However, for ladies who wear spectacles, one needs to consider these 6 tips to avoid annoying make-up mishaps so you can rock those frames and still look gorgeous

  1. Use under-eye concealer

A good concealer is perfect for hiding dark circles caused by frames, puffiness, pimples and blemishes, and is the ultimate lifesaver! However, when choosing a concealer, one needs to go for a shade or two lighter when using it to hide under-eye darkness or puffiness. This instantly brightens up your eyes, giving you a flawless radiant finish.

  1. Shape those brows

We are not promoting those Mcdonalds-looking eyebrows, but one needs to shape those brows to give that nerdy, yet sassy look. Simply fill in the gaps in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, following the natural shape of the eyebrow. Complete the look by brushing the brows to avoid that “drawn-on” look.

  1. Don’t forget about your lower lash line

Unlike our normal eye make-up that consists of eyeshadow, the upper lash line and loads of mascara, glass wearing sisters need more than that because most frames cover the eyelid.

Rather distinguish yourself by going for the lower lash line, adding a really daring liner such as blue or red. Lining the lower lash line with a bright shade will really accentuate the eye area and score you plenty of compliments!

  1. Avoid frame slippage

Even President Zuma gets annoyed every time his glasses slip and he is forced to push them up with his middle finger every minute of his speeches.

Blot away excess foundation from the bridge of your nose and upper cheek area, which is where the glasses rest. This will prevent your glasses from slipping, and will also keep make-up from transferring onto your frames, which can also very annoying.

  1. Keep your eye make-up to a minimum

Wearing glasses draws attention to your eyes, so it’s always best to keep your eye make-up to a minimum. The colour of your frames should never compete with your eye make-up. A simple black frame allows you to play with different eye make-up, but those who wear coloured frames should stick to less eye colour. When in doubt, always go for neutral shades or even the classic cat’s eye.

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