Steve Harvery is bringing the family feud to the homeland

Steve Harvey, the author, comedian and producer of the popular show “Family feud” had decided to bring it to Africa. Steve confessed that it has been a long dream of his to bring the show to the homeland and his partners supported him in the decisions.

“Yes, America is my home and I have a great family there, great friends and great relationships. That’s home but it’s not my homeland, Africa is my homeland. I’ve always wanted to come here and own land and do something meaningful. Since ‘Family Feud’ was so popular in the states, I thought, you know what would be great? If African families played against African families, and I hosted that. Eventually, my goal is to have South Africa play against Ghana, Joburg against Durban. My goal is to have it that way.”

Harvey’s vision for the show was it would have set us to compete against cities and countries within the continent type of production.

The show seems like a great idea for a country like South Africa but how will it play out with 11 official languages? However, it seems as he has it figured out as he simply replied that they would “Improvise”. In his exact words he said:

“Here’s the rule that has to happen. You have to have at least one or two family members that speak English. The other three don’t have to. That’s even more comedy for me because if I have to refer back to your captain, every time I come to you for an answer, and you give me an answer I don’t understand, that’s an instant comedy for me. It’s great entertainment. We don’t have a problem with the diversity part of it at all.”

How is SA reacting to all this?

We’ll we guess it’s a great sign since its been trending on Twitter. However, this is what a few Tweeps had to say.

Well, we are excited to see how the whole thing plays out!.

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Written by: Thabile Jaku.