Watch: Engagement and wedding on a plane from SA to America

This cute couple has taken the expression ”love is in the air” literally. We can’t help but admire their relationship goals after a video of their engagement and wedding went viral.

The unidentified couple got engaged and married at the same time more than 30,000 feet in the air. They were travelling on an SAA flight from Johannesburg to the US.

In the viral video, shared by the Dala U Crew, the man can be seen proposing. When the woman says yes, they immediately get married. Talk about not wasting time!

The woman can be seen wearing a white wedding gown and walking down the plane’s aisle to the Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner.

It seems the wedding was facilitated by a passenger, as the crew took videos and pictures.

The couple sealed the nuptials with a kiss and laughter.

Check out the video by clicking here.

Image: evageneva