Lindt Home of Chocolate attraction in Zurich will take your breath away

Chocolate lovers, this will leave you absolutely jaw dropped. Lindt has created a chocolate museum that boasts the world’s largest chocolate fountain. Lindt’s Home of Chocolate in Zurich, Switzerland opened on Sunday, September 13, 2020.


The spectacular chocolate museum features the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, a Lindt café and a Lindt Chocolateria for chocolate courses. The world’s largest chocolate fountain in the entrance area stands at 9m high. Swiss Federal Council Ueli Maurer, President of the Foundation’s Board Ernst Tanner, and brand ambassador Roger Federer unveiled the striking feature the grand opening this month.


The new attraction also boasts an interactive exhibition, which comprises of seven different chocolate worlds for those who want to understand more about the chocolate-making process. In a quirky video to promote the attraction, Federer takes a tour of Lindt’s Home of Chocolate. He arrives a day early for the launch but is taken on the Chocolate Discovery Tour by a Master Chocolatier. As the pair avoid staff, Federer learns about cocoa trees, the history and about the Swiss chocolate pioneers.


Federer and a Master Chocolatier then naughtily indulge in some chocolate before the tennis pro takes a series of photographs by the fountain to show his children. Before leaving, he heads to the shop where he picks some chocolate. However, as he has forgotten his wallet, he has to wash dishes as a form of payment for the goodies he selected.


Federer described the Lindt Home of Chocolate as a “unique chocolate experience.” He said he will visit the attraction with his children. See below video.

Main Image: eTurboNews