Listen and download Sjava four-track EP, #Umsebenzi

Not so much as an album but his second EP, Sjava latest songs are under Umsebenzi. This release came 2 years after his release of Umphako.

It looks like a trend for the talented musician to keep his fans yearning for 2 years before releasing new music. Umsebenzi was also released on 4th December, just 2 days after his birthday. Is 2 his lucky number?

1. Umcebo 

This is the first track in the Extended play Umsebenzi. The song is soothing, comforting and with a very relaxing beat. This is undoubtedly one of the best Sjava mp3 songs in the EP. Sang entirely in Zulu, the song is authentic and very relatable. Within the first few hours of its release, it already has over 10,000 views on YouTube.

2. Imigomo Nemibandela

Imigomo Nemibandela has some English lyrics but is mainly sung in Zulu. The talented artist switches flawlessly between languages while singing, making the experience of the listener even better. Thing song demonstrates how easily R&B can be fused with Zulu and African music forms.

3. Ikusasa 

The beat slowly builds in tune with his preference for singing songs that will put any listener in their feels. Ikusasa has a faster beat than the other songs in the playlist but is just as relaxing as the rest. It is still a marvel how Sjava can pull at the heartstrings of his listeners.

4. Maduze