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Of South Africa’s 11 official languages, English is the most commonly used in official communications. By that, we mean everybody, including those finding difficulty in articulating it fluently, are more than happy to use it even on national television.

Of course, we know that English is not a unit of measurement on intelligence, but we can’t help but crack hard when someone speaks broken English on the big screen with a straight face.

For example, in a recent episode of the hit reality TV show, Our Perfect Wedding, a baker describes the process of making the cake, but he isn’t really making any sense.

The amused bride could not contain herself as the baker said he had collaborated to “tastically” make the cake, who would?

The presenter, Thembisa Mdoda, was more professional, but had a baffled look on her face.

The scene reminds us of an episode of SABC 2’s Speak Out when the presenter confronted a woman who had taken money and had not delivered pots to a customer. You will excuse us, but this is just as hilarious!

Watch the video on the following link:

OPW baking scene

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