Looking to party hard and still keep it classy? Look no further than The Bar in Sunninghill

Friendly warning! If you’ve got an addictive personality, then you definitely might want to pretend as if you didn’t see this review. The Bar in Sunninghill is the kind of place that makes you beg for more fun when that curfew hour hits.

We’ve all had a tough year, working hard to keep our jobs and survive a deadly pandemic, one thing we can all agree to right now is – we all need to unwind and drink this one out.

At the same time, we all want to be in a place that is safe and takes extra precautions when it comes to social distancing. If that’s what you want, then The Bar in Sunninghill is the place to be.

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The Bar, a popular meeting spot, offers classy dining, entertainment and breathing space. Featuring different local DJ’s every week like DJ Tlangz, Major League DJz, Uncle Vusi & Slade (to name a few), the place definitely knows how to pull a crowd and keep it.

This inviting Bar is in an upper lobby-level space of Sunninghill’ shopping complex with ample natural light, creating a welcoming place for cocktail receptions or meeting breaks. Enjoy their hubbly selections as well while sipping on their fine beverages and nibbling on their grill specials.

Sunninghill Square Shopping Centre | Santis Pub And Grill

The selection of beverages ranges from wines and liqueurs to signature cocktails and even Jagger bombs. You’ll see local residents unwinding with their favorites.

Observant customers of The Bar may notice the ”VVVIP” right next to the store entrance, but few actually wander all the way up to the far end balcony, where this, well, unique spot welcomes patrons with Sunninghill’s view and sunset.

Once inside, it’s impossible to ignore the seemingly endless collection of cocktails and cognacs of all shapes and tastes. Buying is allowed, and the staff will even help pick out the perfect drink just for you. Note that there’s a strict No-Mask-No-Entry when entering the venue and security makes no exception when it comes to that.

Now that you know where it’s safe to party, what are you still waiting for?

Main Image: The Bar Instagram