Her looks in real life prove that Generations does her no justice with the Lesedi role.

Generations’ Lesedi is definitely a good example of why acting is not always that glitz and glamorous, especially if it deprives you of revealing your inner beauty. The character is played by Luyanda Mzazi who is an absolute flame in real life. However, we feel that her on-screen role does her no beauty justice because it people see her as a child even off-screen.

We mean like for real, it’s hard to see her as anything more than a high school student. However, behind the scenes and the school uniform lies a flame so hot, it has figuratively set her social media accounts on fire.

Aside from playing Lesedi, Luyanda is a 21 year old HR student, in her second year who grew up in Joburg. If you ran into her in real life, would you recognise her without her school uniform?

Picture credit: The Edge Search

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