Love is in the air: SK Khoza proposes to his girlfriend!

SK Khoza capped the year on a very romantic note by proposing to his girlfriend Mandy Hlongwane on a Live stream.

The award winning actor and TV personality revealed in an Instagram post that he proposed to Mandy and she has said yes beginning a new chapter with him. Over the past couple of months, Khoza, who used to date actress Pabee Moganedi, has been displaying the love he has for Many on social media.

SK posted the 37-minute-long video on his Instagram that began with him talking about his work and thanking his fans for voting for him to be the best male actor at the KZN Entertainment Awards. Then Mandy, who was preoccupied with her cell phone joined him. Then Mr Romantic got down on his knee, and did the things. Mandy’s reaction, will definitely be in our memories for a while.

Watch the full proposal here—->

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