“Loyalty is not gonna keep us around for much longer”: Unathi Nkayi calls out MTN

South African Idols judge Unathi Nkayi is tired of keeping quiet because of loyalty and she has taken it upon herself to call out network provider, MTN after they randomly suspended her phone account.

The musician, who is clearly frustrated by MTN’s actions, said she actually didn’t want to go as far as exposing the company on social media because there a lot of people that are complaining about them and their services. Taking to her Instagram, Unathi shared a video: “Allow me to express. Allow me to talk about how incompetent you are MTN.”

“You’ve suspended my account for more than two weeks. I have not access to family and friends, and you do so, and your staff doesn’t know why. Your staff acknowledges because you know, its on my account details.” – she said.

It also turns out that MTN has been billing Unathi way more than agreed on contract, double the amount she signed up for since June. “Your staff acknowledges that the contract that I have with you is for R2 499.00 per month, yet you’ve been deducting over R5 100.00 a month from my account since June. Your staff also acknowledges that they don’t know why my account has been suspended but they logged in tickets, all your terminology” – she added. Unathi said the billing department from MTN has not gotten back to the staff that she spoke to, so they acknowledged that they don’t know when this issue can be resolved.

If you thought it doesn’t get worse than that, Unathi revealed that MTN made an even bigger deduction this past month. “Additionally, to that, you deducted R11 000.00 from my account last month. I didn’t have the time to query it and yeah uhm, you suspended my account”-she said. Unathi added saying that she has been using the same number since 1997, and that’s how loyal she’s been to MTN.

Now comes the tough question: “How long do you think you’re gonna get away with this, and how long do you think you’re gonna keep us and not having us going to other networks.” The saddest part in all of this is that Unathi’s family couldn’t get a hold of her for the two weeks that her phone was suspended, to tell her that she has lost a close relative.

“Just a small question. How long do you expect us to stay with you when so many competitors are doing better than you? Loyalty is not gonna keep us around for much longer. This is thoroughly disappointing”- Unathi closed the video. We are sorry for your loss sis U. May your uncle’s soul rest in peace.

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Main Image: News24