Luthuli Dlamini launches Eastern Cape community newspaper

Actor Luthuli Dlamini has decided to help disadvantaged communities get their news and stay up to date with what is happening in the country currently. The actor prioritized these places because he believes they have little to no access to WiFi, cell phones, cannot afford data and not television. All of which are widely used to get informed.

Together with his business partner Nolubabalo Mcinga, they launched NTU News on May 28 and have started distributing newspapers to the Amathole District in Eastern Cape.

The newspaper will not only help with the consumption of news, but it will also advertise jobs that people can apply for.

Starting a newspaper now during a pandemic might leave some puzzled looking at how many print companies have been suffering and others are forced to shut down.

Commenting on Daily Sun he says that it was intentional and it will also be a way of informing people about the deadly virus.

“We did that on purpose. We want to show people that the virus should not stop their lives. The newspaper will also be a vehicle for communication where people can be educated about the virus,” he commented.

Luthuli Dlamini and his business partner Nolubabalo Mcinga

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