Malia Obama’s stalker goes an extra mile and proposes to her!

It seems like Malia Obama’s stalker is not ready to back down without a fight and a ring on the former U.S President daughter’s finger.

On Thursday, members of Malia Obama’s Secret Service detail visited New York’s First Precinct station house to report 30-year-old Jair Nilton Cardoso, who’s been following the 18-year-old around the city, creeps!

According to the New York Daily News, Cardoso is a “longtime stalker” who tried to break into the White House while the Obama family was in reign, probably because he thought it was a romantic thing to do.

On April 10 2017, Cardoso showed up at the building where Obama interns, held a sign to the window, and “begged her to marry him,” the Daily News reports. Secret Service agents kicked him out, but two days later, Cardoso kept track of Malia to another building – agents reportedly stopped him and told him to leave Obama alone.

The next day, agents interviewed Cardoso at his apartment, “concluded he had psychiatric issues, and took him to a Brooklyn hospital for evaluation.” Police are still deciding whether to file stalking and harassment charges against Cardoso, or send him to a mental institution.

The eldest Obama daughter has been living in the city while she interns for film producer Harvey Weinstein. She attended the Girls premiere party and has hit up a few nightlife spots, but not without “heavy security.”

While it may seem fun and flattering to have a person keeping track of everything you do and following you around, it can also lead to worse situations like kidnapping or murder. If you have a stalker, make sure you alert your local cop shop.

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