Maps Maponyane flirting with an influencer, ‘Mrs. Buns’, is the cutest thing you’ll see

Influencer Pamela Mtanga is clearly crushing on Maps Maponyane, so much so that her Twitter name is “Mrs. Buns”.

On Tuesday, the vlogger shared on Twitter that she would be headed to Maps’ burger joint, “Buns Out”, where their “wedding” was supposed to happen, but to her disappointment, her imaginary lover wasn’t there, the “groom” got cold feet.

In a series of hilarious tweets, “Mrs. Buns” then informed her followers of her and Maps’ separation. In a short video, she can be heard saying she’s divorcing Maps.

Maps is clearly in this for the long haul, he even had dreams of making mini buns with his Mrs. But, it’s not over, he’s been given an extension to do right by “Mrs. Buns” and we’ll wait and see what happens next.

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