AKA: Maybe twitter isn’t the place to engage one another

Just months after preaching about the evils of Instagram, AKA has weighed in on the perils of Twitter, admitting that it may not be the best platform for debate.

The rapper, who at one point was the king of Twitter for his rants and countless posts punting his album, joined a conversation online about the current state of Twitter, sparked by sports personality Mpho Letsholonyane. 

“Twitter can be such a mess. Purely because we still haven’t learnt how to engage one another in order to further discussions … ,” she wrote. 

As her followers gave their two cents on where the platform was failing and where it was winning, AKA shared his thoughts on Mpho’s claims.

He suggested that Twitter may not be the place for what Mpho was suggesting.

“Maybe Twitter isn’t the place to engage one another, or to have discussions,” he added.

Fans were quick to point out that AKA had been dropping pearls of wisdom and said it was part of the rapper’s “drink water and mind your own business” motto. 

So perhaps Twitter is for peeping people’s flexes and just moving on with your life.

That or just follow a meme page where you can see cats riding motorbikes.

But Instagram may not be much better, as AKA pointed out in a Twitter thread last year.

In a series of posts, he said he was thinking of leaving Instagram because of the pressure it put on the youth.

“I’m legit thinking of quitting Instagram. The pressure it’s putting on young men and women for material things is scary, and people like me are part of the problem without even knowing it. That thing was created for one purpose, for you to want things you don’t actually need,” he wrote in one of the posts.

Perhaps the Super Mega should start his own social media.

Just don’t forget the cat memes’ pages, Mega!.

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