‘Men aren’t worth any loyalty’: Mihlali Ndamase comes for men on Twitter

Mihlali Ndamase is tired of being dribbled by men and sis is letting her heart out. Seems like the social media influencer and media personality wears her heart on her sleeve as she has recently taken to Twitter to express how men aren’t worthy of any loyalty.

The TV presenter took it as far as encouraging women to cheat. Mihlali wrote: “Cheatani wethu girls (go ahead a cheat), men aren’t worth any loyalty.” And of course, men took offense and they were not about to let her breathe after such comments. The men on the Twitter streets started urging her to stop misleading women while she was probably in a good relationship with her man.

Women, on the other side, jumped to Ndamase’s defense, insisting those men have been cheating, so why couldn’t women follow suit, resulting in a heated Twitter debate. “Beyonce was saying “leave the cheating bustard” but went ahead and gave Jay twins then Cardi B was saying “she doesn’t cook and clean” but few days we saw that it is not true. Go ahead and take Mihlali’s advise.” commented one Twitter user. “Normalize cheating first kwakhona! Because you’ll be heartbroken if he does it first,” said another.

While tweeps were in their feels about her remarks, the YouTuber wasn’t fazed whatsoever. Instead, Ndamase hit back at men for always poking their noses in her business.



Main Image: SowetanLIVE