Men on my level break my heart, broke ones always use me for my money, now I don’t trust anyone, please help!

Hello Uncle T, I am a 36-year-old business woman who lives in Sandton and I have a problem with finding a man I can trust and love. As a well-established woman, men on my level are either too busy to have time for me, or they are just committed elsewhere and they just break my heart. As for the broke ones, all they see in me is a free ATM that they just use to withdraw money.

I need your advice Uncle T, because I am so close to giving up on men and just prepare myself to die a single, childless woman, please help! Anonymous – Sandton

Hello there,

I share your pain and worries. I would like you to know that you will not die a single and childless woman as long as Uncle T is still around to guide and advice you.

Although it might be hard for you to believe this, but there are plenty of good men out there, you just need to change where you look.

I get that you have tried both rich and ‘’broke’’ guys, however, that doesn’t mean you have completely studied men. You see, what defines a man or a human being is not his / her financial status, but their character and charisma. It might be that you are looking for certain characters that in the end, those characters tend to mistreat you.

I urge you to shift your focus, be open to something or someone who is totally out of the standards you set from men you attract. Be open to someone who will sweep you off your feet and make you feel totally different, someone who will love you with or without the money.

Give glad tidings to the creator that you came across men who treated you bad, because their absence now is a charm to attract your soulmate… don’t give up yet!

Uncle T’s advice.

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