Mercedes Benz has a classy correction of the Bajaj Qute – Don’t mess with the Germans!

The German car manufacturers have always given India a very unfair beating in their own game with their classy version of what looks like a Bajaj Qute.

The Bajaj Qute has been trending in South Africa with many revealing that it is one of the few most affordable and fuel-saving mobiles to have ever been invented. This car’s shine was shortly lived after a tweep posted a Mercedes Benz identical copy that has a high dose of German touch and finishes on it,

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying the car was recently dropped by Mercedes, the smart car was there way before the Bajaj.

The picture of the vehicle is all over the media as it was stated that it can only accommodate two people.

Because it carries the log of the German manufacturer on the front and back, many Twitter users believe it is the best choice one can make as it is an economical car.

A tweep, @LS_Magwaza shared the interior of the car as she captioned: “Hear me out”

Many gave the car a thumbs up while others are interested in the price.

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