Miley Cyrus’ ‘Angels Like You’ Lyrics from new album seems to be about Kaitlynn Carter

Miley Cyrus dropped her new album, Plastic Hearts, and fans are already all over the possible meaning behind the lyrics. “Angels Like You” is the third track on the album, and—some curious people are convinced—is apparently about Cyrus’s ex, Kaitlynn Carter.

The two dated for a month in the summer of 2019, following Cyrus’s split from her husband of less than a year and on-and-off partner of ten years, Liam Hemsworth.

The song starts off like this: “Flowers in hand, waiting for me / Every word in poetry / Won’t call me by name, only ’baby’ / The more that you give, the less that I need / Everyone says I look happy / When it feels right,” which could reference the pictures of Carter and Cyrus on vacation together, looking like they were having a blast, in the summer of 2019:

Main Image: Elite Daily