Minnie Dlamini Claims That She Is Homeless

Minnie Dlamini has revealed that she and her husband Quinton Jones are ‘homeless’.

The Jones’ have not been able to look for a new home after selling their home and everything has been finalized, even the title deeds are no longer in their name. However because of lockdown regulations, they have not been able to go house hunting.

The ‘homeless’ status seems to confuse her fans because that defines a person without shelter who then lives in the streets. That is not quiet the case with the Jones’ family as they still live in the home that they sold.

“I just realised that we are officially homeless. We sold our house, everything has been finalised but we haven’t found another house because of lockdown,” she said, along with a sticker that reads ‘I am not panicking’.

With the lockdown restrictions, the TV presenter has not been able to do much in the entertainment scene. However, as a way of giving back to communities in need, her Minnie Dlamini Foundation is looking to feed families.

Minnie has also started her own brand of sanitizers to help keep the country clean. She will donate the first production roll-out to the underprivileged.

Main Image: OkMzansi