Miss SA 2020 contender’s history of racist and crude tweets uncovered

Miss South Africa 2020 hopeful Bianca Schoombee might not see her dream of being nominated for the throne coming true after a history of racist and crude tweets were uncovered on her timeline.

In an updated statement shared with Channel24, Miss SA CEO Stephanie Weil addressed queries pertaining to the organisations rules and regulations.

“Our rules state that any semi-finalist or finalist may not have been involved in any unsavoury or unethical incidents or conduct that may bring the organisers or the Miss South Africa pageant into disrepute. Unsavoury or unethical conduct includes, but not limited to, bribery, racism, sexism, slander or libel,” the addition to their initial statement reads.

Miss South Africa 2020 hopeful Bianca Schoombee has released a public apology after highly offensive posts, dating back to 2013, were found on her Twitter account on Tuesday night.

A Twitter user uncovered a series of racist and crude social media posts tweeted from the 21-year-old model’s private Twitter account.

The Twitter account no longer exists.

In one tweet, the account made reference to the “N-word” and repeatedly used the word “bitches” as well as other controversial statements.

“Bianca” was the top trending topic on Twitter in South Africa on Wednesday morning.

Twitter investigators conducted a background check of her and find out that she was trolling people and using profanities to mock people, with their skin color and even calling some sluts.

Taking to Instagram Bianca said, she profusely apologizes for her remarks and she has changed now.

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