Mlindo The Vocalist buys his mom a house

Mlindo The Vocalist has lived up to the lyrics of his hit song featuring Sjava – Egol.

The lyrics speak about making your mother proud and building her a home. To achieve that, you make that daunting decision to relocate to the big city to look for work.

During his interview with DJ Sbu at Massiv Metro, when the song played an emotional and teary-eyed Mlindo The Vocalist revealed that the song moved him and started experiencing the emotions he felt when he bought his mother a house.

He shared the special moment on his Instagram and in the caption, he thanked fans for their support. Mlindo also said how their collaboration for the song ‘makes sense’.

“When the Song Egoli featuring @sjava_atm makes Sense ❤️ Thank you guys for the support.”

A very proud DJ Sbu encouraged other young people to also take care of their elders.

Mlindo gave a bit of his background on his childhood, explaining that he never had a place to call home as he was living with relatives. He then jokingly added how he can now brag about having his own room now.

Image: Daneloo