Mlindo The Vocalist’s manager, Nyiko Bilankulu, claims he might have been drugged

This comes after a video of the AmaBlesser singer looking drunk made the rounds on social media.

Nyiko said Mlindo wasn’t drunk, and he wouldn’t have allowed him to go on stage if he was.

In two trending videos, Mlindo seemingly can’t walk.

In one video, he’s seated on stage and gets up. The second video shows two men helping Mlindo get off stage and one of them carrying him on his back.

Mlindo The Vocalist

Nyiko told Daily Sun: “With my experience, I wouldn’t let Mlindo go on stage drunk. I’d rather postpone the performance or stop him from getting on stage.

“Anyway, he went on stage and started performing. During the performance, I think, he was too excited and took a drink from the crowd and drank it.

“He was fine for a while. We don’t know if the drink was too strong or if it was spiked, but he became drowsy.”

Nyiko said Mlindo’s old knee injury started acting up.

“I think the alcohol from the fan contributed to him falling, causing pain to his knee,” he said.

“The reason they were helping him up was because of his knee and because there was a huge crowd.”

Nyiko said they took Mlindo to the doctor after the performance.

Mlindo The Vocalist’s manager, Nyiko Bilankulu, claims he might have been drugged.

“The doctor flushed all the toxins out of his body,” said Nyiko.

“His knee is still healing, but that won’t stop him from performing.

“We’re back to performing on Friday, 4 December, especially because he’s dropping a new song next week titled Imali and featuring Nathi.”

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