Mohale has a purpose!

Mohale is not afraid to teach the world about the misunderstood sexuality, he rose to fame after being revealed as Somizi Mhlongo’s future husband. With all the attention he’s been getting he decided to be more intentional about his influence.

Mohale recently joined the MTV Shuga. The show is aimed at educating South Africa about societal issues we face but are not spoken about in efforts to educate South Africans to make better decisions based on education. Though we have come a long way as a country the fact still remains that the LGBTIQ+ community is still frowned upon.

Mohale’s goal is to educate South Africa about gay sexual health stereotypes as it’s a topic that is is not spoken about enough. He went on on YFM about it: “There is a lot of information but it is not portrayed enough. It is not spoken about. People don’t want to talk about sex. People don’t want to talk about those little topics we should be talking about. We need more channels to get it to people…I was able to open my mind and help other people understand that it is okay to talk about sex. You are a man, you like men. You are going to have sex. There is prep for that.”

We are inspired by Mohale’s contribution to making the world a better place by helping breaking stereotypes around these topics.

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