Moshe is not coping after the loss of a loved one

The TV actor and presenter with a larger than life personality, Moshe Ndiki is almost lost for words at the shock of losing a loved one and he is not coping.

He took to Twitter to share the news of losing his grandmother and In a long and emotionally charged post, Moshe said he has lost a pillar of his strength, a friend, and a granny. Although the presenter did not reveal his grandmother’s cause of death, but he said he is angry at his loss, and reminisces of all the fond memories they shared.

“I will never stop loving you and appreciating you, Today I lost my pillar, my friend , my granny. I’m angry, I’m upset, I’m broken, I’m sad, I’m not coping.  Rest In Peace Madlamini, we had the best of times and memories. Thank you for loving me whole heartedly.” – said Ndiki

Moshe happens to be the very first one to be his grandmother’s grandchild and they were very close. He added with a video post of him and his grandmother with the rest of their family saying “Weird how I want to call you and tell you how I feel… what and how life is for me right now,  That I’ve just lost so much. But I can’t , cause I’ve lost you.”

Condolences to you and your family Moshe, Twitter send love to him.

Main Image: Google