Moshe Ndiki is going to be a father!

Media personality and actor, Moshe Ndiki has announced that he is joining the parents club. He is going to be a father.

Moshe took to his social media platforms to announce the exciting news. He posted images of himself standing outside a fertility clinic and shared how he prayed and longed for the bundle. “Thank you to my doctor, my fertility clinic, my friend Sabelo who helped me start and my surrogate, what a journey we have travelled and still to travel… I’m gonna be a dad,” captioned Moshe the snaps.

Moshe also shared name that could possibly be the little one’s “Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander Ndiki. (Tina)”. His posts were filled with congratulatory messages and with his fans letting him know he is “gonna make an incredible Dad”

The star has been living his best life, eating “youth” and is joking with fans about how “this lil nigger” has just stolen his youth. “I’m shaking loudly crying where the hell is this boy going as I was enjoying my youth? No manners at all, Thalanda wtf dawg,” tweeted Moshe.

Moshe’s good news comes just months after his split with singer Phelo Bala, which was rather nasty with allegations of abuse surfacing from both sides of the relationship.

After all you have been through, you deserve all the joy and happiness coming your way. Congratulations Moshelle.


Main Image: Youth Village