Motsepe urges players to invest money

Sundowns players are set to share amongst themselves R10-million after winning the Absa Premiership this season.

Motsepe has already announced that he will add a little more onto the prize money so that all the players enjoy a bigger piece of the earnings.

However, the mining mogul shared some advice to his players to invest part of their prize money to look after themselves beyond their playing career.

“These players have a short period to generate money. They have to make as much money as possible whilst still playing football and use some of the money to invest and look after them when they don’t play football anymore,” said Motsepe.

“It saddens me immensely when I meet football players who played for Sundowns whilst I was president to see them in a financial position they are not supposed to be.

“Because it’s their money sometimes we are supposed to be nice to them but again, we must be hard to say they must invest their money.

“I am proud some invested in investment opportunities that will look after them when they are no longer playing football.”

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