Black Coffee and Sjava to make a massive hit for 2020

Black Coffee is ready to make another massive hit for the culture in 2020 after spotting a man on social media he believes should collab with Sjava.

A video of the man singing has been widely shared on social media, with many praising his voice.

Black Coffee saw the video and believed the man was talented enough to record a full track, and he wants Sjava to help.

Grootman reached out to Sjava and said he thought the Abangani hitmaker could really vibe with the “gifted gentleman” on a track.

He even offered to produce the song.

“Nkunzi, Sjava. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos of this gifted gentleman. I think he’s amazing just needs opportunity. I think you two can really vibe on a track. I can produce it for you. Let’s find him,” Black Coffee wrote, alongside a video of the man singing.

Sjava responded to the request, telling Black Coffee he is super-keen on the idea.

And it seems fans are also keen.

They filled the comments section of the posts, dreaming of the collab and offering to help find the man.

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