Drake follows Uncle Waffles after this video broke the internet [video]

Every social media user has come across the video that catapulted Uncle Waffles into an overnight sensation and from what we understand, the viral moment reached the attention of Drake.

Drake follows Uncle Waffles on Instagram
The woman who left the turntables of a recent party in total disarray is the latest frenzy on social media.

A fan, completely tranced by the DJ’s Amapiano set caught footage of Waffles’ performance on the decks. Surrounded by her close-knit supporters, Waffles got lost in the music and sent the event venue into total pandemonium with her epic dance moves.

As soon as the video of this spectacular display surfaced on the internet, it spread faster than wildfire on the driest summer’s day.

In fact, this viral clip was shared so many times, across social media platforms, that it caught the attention of Drake, whose new album Certified Lover Boy is on course for a return to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Albums chart, five weeks after its release.

What we know about SA’s newest viral sensation

This defining turn of events in the viral sensation’s life was no fluke. This determination we made after diving deep into Waffles background to get a glimpse of who she was before this newfound fame.

The DJ’s real name, we found out, is Lungelihle Zwane, a 21-year-old Eswatini national. In a Q&A video she posted on her YouTube channel, Zwane revealed that she completed her metric in 2017 and went straight to work.

“I worked as a receptionist and as a personal assistant for two years. Now, I’m working on actually going to school ‘cos like, now I know what I want to do and I’ve gotten a lot of real-life experience, which is great, I got to, like, live a little,” she said.

Perhaps, the most interesting part in getting to know a little bit about Zwane is that she suffers from anxiety. The 21-year-old revealed the mental health condition has hindered a lot of things in her life.

“Anxiety is something that you can’t really explain. It’s a feeling of complete helplessness. You can’t help what it affects, how it affects you, you know,” she explained.

Main Image: EWN