Here’s why no longer everyone is worked up about Drake’s new album

When Drake introduced a new album this week, the very last thing he almost definitely expected used to be for some fans to pull a “Nah, fam! It’s fine, you’ll be able to stay it”.

The famous person is a hot commodity within the memes market after his hilarious cameo in a Chris Brown music video recently. And he thought he would add to the hype around his title when he announced he could be freeing an album.

Titled Care Package, the compilation options loose songs, B-sides and different knick-knacks from Drizzy Drake’s profession. The rapper most often shuts down the web for days when he drops an album and crowned the developments list once more on Friday for Care Package.

This time, even though, not everybody used to be losing their minds or in need of to present him their first-borns in gratitude for his genius. Many were simply disillusioned at being given “leftovers” they’d already heard. To quote the rapper, they had been like…

They made their feelings known on Twitter and piled timelines with memes and messages venting their feelings.

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Main Credit | Tshisa Live.