Jay Z and Meek Mill support bill that blocks rap lyrics from being used in court

Jay Z has teamed up with some of the biggest hip hop artists to fight for a bill that will prevent courts from using rap lyrics during trials.

The recently proposed bill titled “Rap Music on Trial”, saw artists such as Meek Mill, Big Sean, Fat Joe, Kelly Rowland, Yo Gotti, Killer Mike, Robin Thicke, coming together on a letter urging lawmakers to consider passing the bill.

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The new legislation, which was first put forward in November, comes in response to an increase of rap musicians having their lyrics used against them in criminal cases.

One of the rappers joining the cause is Fat Joe.

He recently told Rolling Stone Magazine that for far too long prosecutors have weaponised rappers words.

“We want our words to be recognized as art rather than being weaponised to get convictions in court. I hope the governor and all the lawmakers in New York take our letter into consideration, protect our artistic rights and make the right decision to pass this bill.”

Main Image: XXLMag