LISTEN | Chris Brown & Justin Bieber’s new song will leave you with goosies and feels!

Foes of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber were forced to eat humble pie when the boys again proved, with their new track, Don’t Check On Me, that despite the drama that may surround them, they are super-talented.

The pair’s fans were super-excited for the new song which comes off Chris’ Indigo album.

Different from their first collabo, this song is not only filled with emotions, but it is stripped to the bare minimum. All that stands out is the acoustic guitar and the harmonies and melodies created by the combination of Chris and Justin’s voices.

Not only will the raw emotions  in the lyrics tug at your heartstrings, if caught on a bad day, the song will leave you in tears and, ironically, may leave you wishing someone checks on you.

Their collabo is a mid-tempo ballad that compels you to sway along to the strong beat, but this time around Chris and Justin create texture through their wide-range voices.

This month also marked eight years since the release of the music video for the single, Next to You, when we first heard Chris and Justin collaborating. That hit single was nominated for International Artist Video of the Year at the 2012 MuchMusic Awards and has accumulated more than 254 million views!

From the reaction this song received, if the pair create visuals for it, it will do even better.

Listen to the song below.

Justin was dragged on social media for making a song with Chris. But here’s the thing about music … it doesn’t care whether you cancelled Chris or dragged Justin for working with him. 

Music goes beyond all that and does what it does best, which in this case is about missing the ex you wish you had never met and eating ice cream while blocking the crush you’ll never get.

People were in their feels! Check out the reactions below: