Might DJ Black Coffee and Diddy be cooking up the biggest hit of the century with Cassie?

It is no secret that DJ Black Coffee and Sean Diddy share a very strong bromance that none can explain.

This strong bromance we are referring to between the globetrotting DJ and US superstar Diddy has grown so big, the pair has even jumped into studio together recently to work on some new music with songstress Cassie.

The SA-born musician has teamed up with Diddy to produce the star’s next album and gave fans a glimpse of them in studio.

Black Coffee shared a video on Twitter on Thursday evening, which was taken during a recording session in New York last month. The short clip gave fans a rare look at Black Coffee’s creative process.

Speaking about the song, Diddy said he was gunning for it to potentially be the first single from his highly-anticipated comeback album.

“This record for us is… we looking at first single like material,” he said.

Black Coffee has previously worked with the likes of Drake and Alicia Keys. He has hinted at collaborations with Usher and John Legend in the future.

Picture credit: The New Age

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