“My wife looks amazing” – Kabelo Mabalane defends Gail over bikini pic criticism

Kabelo Mabalane has leapt tot the defense of his wife Gail, who was criticised for posting a picture of herself in a bikini…
The singer-turned-preacher clapped back at the follower who shamed the model and actress for being ‘immodest’ post.

This week, Gail posted a pic of herself in a two-piece on Instagram of which she captioned it; “Life before corona”

Whilst the majority of followers heaped praise on her stunning figure, one lambasted Gail instead for ‘not giving a good role model’ to the Christian community.

Along with a Bible scripture, the fan added; “Your body is the temple of God and should be treated with integrity and not immortality. Seek that which is higher and not that which is lower than the standards God has set out for you. Those that follow you especially the youth are supposed to see Jesus in you and not the opposite”

An unimpressed Gail clapped back, stating that her faith should not be judged off by what she wore
She responded to the follower; “Wow, wearing swim wear has now escalated to being a sin? You know it’s taken me 35 years to wear a swimsuit in public because of comments like these.

“It’s Women’s Month, can we normalise not putting unnecessary judgments, expectations and pressures on each other? If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit, I respect that but I’m so secure in who I am (in Christ) it’s liberating.”

Kabelo also waded in, adding; “This is exactly the kind of piety that makes the world not want what we have. It’s just a pic of my wife looking amazing in a swimsuit, relax”.

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Life before corona.#SBWL #FBF

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