Nadia Nakai is the reason why Cassper Nyovest & AKA can’t stand each other

The beef between Cassper Nyovest and AKA has dragged on for extended than anybody can imagine. many of us are battling to know why did the meat start and when. More especially when will it end and what do they gain from not getting along. Well Cassper’s mentee, Nadia Nakai has revealed the important reason the 2 rappers are beefing, putting many things into perspective.

Speaking to rapper Khuli Chana on his music chat show on Trace called The Originators, Nadia believes that she may need been the rationale the 2 decided to beef.

Taking it back to 2015, AKA did a remix of his hit song Baddest and featured a number of the femcees who were and still are killing it within the game. On the Baddest remix, female rappers like Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Nomuzi Mabhena, and Gigi Lamayne were featured apart from Nadia.

Bragga believes AKA left her out intentionally as he may need had a hidden agenda and Cassper agreed together with her . His snub drove her into Cass’s shadow and therefore the rest is history.
Nadia Nakai is the reason for Cassper Nyovest & AKA's fight.
“When AKA released the Baddest Remix with all the feminine Emcees that made Cassper & TLee more drawn to figure with me because they felt i used to be overlooked intentionally ,” Nadia told the rapper.

Even though Nadia and Cassper have a really strong working relationship, to the purpose where people thought they’re an item, they need had their worst moments. During the recording of Any Minute Now, Nyovest shared on Twitter that he and Nadia Nakia don’t always see eye to eye and that they were pictured arguing with Nakia even throwing her hands within the air.

Cass laughed it off saying he wants the simplest for Nadia hence the constant bickering, “Hahaha Jabu is evil for these pictures!!! #AMN gone be lit doe!!! you recognize I always fight for an honest cause!!! I gotta have you ever at your best lil sis!!! Aye but today was hard I won’t lie but we pulled though!!!”
Nadia Nakai is the reason for Cassper Nyovest & AKA's fight.
Cassper revealed to Texx and therefore the City why he doesn’t like AKA and doubtless never will. He reveals that he’s not frightened of AKA like everybody else is within the industry. Cass believes that he’s the ‘realest’ and tells Mega the way it’s without worrying .
Nadia Nakai is the reason for Cassper Nyovest & AKA's fight.
Despite eager to mize anything that has got to do with AKA, whether positive or negative, Cassper just can’t seem to ignore the sensation of hatred he has towards AKA.

“I don’t like that guy man,” he said before adding, that he’s not afraid to call him out on his “nonsense.” He did attempt to make amends with AKA, to not become friends but just to squash the meat , but AKA wasn’t interested.

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